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Skandinavian people living in forests have always used wood in different forms and all parts of trees for making things for everyday use. Shoes, bags, rugsacks, plates & forks are nowadays made of something else, but still the only way to make a Kuksa is to whittle and carve it of wood. Being not fragile but light to carry it has become a mutual sign for outdoor people.

Kuksa is not just any cup. You can make your own Kuksa, but you should not buy one for yourself. Someone else has to give it to you - wheather buy it or make it. 

When you have got a brand new Kuksa, it's very easy to "open" it:  fill it up to the top with some very good cognac. Then simply drink it. You don't need to do it "bottoms up", but if you are too slow, the taste of the cognac will become quite salty and bad. When the Kuksa is empty, your "holy Kuksa has been opened". (To open a very little Kuksa you might need several fillings!)

The salty taste will fade when you use your Kuksa regularily, because coffee and other noble drinks impregnate the wood to be almost eternal. Don't wash your Kuksa with soap, not to mention any dishwasher fluid, but only with hot water using a brush. This way the grease and other wood sheltering ingredients of your drinks will do the protecting job perfectly.

Your Kuksa is a holy and very private item.  Think carefully to whom you offer a drink from it, because that will bind you two together forever.  (Some people even end up raiding in a same HY ; ))

Story by Nalle

24 Jul 2007 by BMOG


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