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Lyrics inspired by Raid Mosquito...

At the end of the Raid we got a new verse to the Raid Song "I am raiding":

We are raiding, we are raiding
Through the forests along the lakes
We are raiding, drive on dirt roads
Enjoy the scenery and PARTY!

Music & lyrics Rauni Rokka
from the hippie HY Green House

I want to make a song for you
Before you leave and all is through
I want to make a song for you to say
I don't meet friends like you every day

It's like a bird that flies to thee
And has a message in its beak
It travels 'round and 'round the world
Reaching out every friend, searching you

Whenever you hear this song
Remember all that's gone
And all the moments that we sheared
All the good, all the bad that we deared

No matter where you stray
Take our love along your way
And share it with your fellow beings
Then I'll know: love will grow, love will win!

(c) Captain Krimson

Course they are ducks! You see them everywhere
Yes they are ducks, see all those people stare
And with some luck and some taking care
We'll end the Raid Mosquito with a touch of flair

The duck brought us together under the midnight sun
Endure the terrible weather, drinking, having fun
Helping one another seems to be the rule
What would you do if I ran out of fuel

Course they are ducks...

Travelling on the dirt roads you'll find the ducks in rows
Discussing on the radio who knows where this road goes
More co-operation than I've ever seen
Who gets the turn at the washing machine

Course they are ducks...

During Raid Mosquito the Lilies were around
You know they felt free to give some points and count
Mosquito Raid Olympics generate some wows
Give us some logs and we'll build you a house

Course they are ducks...

Early in the morning, sometimes a little late
We'd get more information about today's raid
Maybe it'll be different, or maybe the same
Ajajakokous, remember that name

Course they are ducks...

the overnight places always were a joy
We will get up early, is what Australians soy
We sleep in cars or tents all though a cabin could be nice
Steve Motel gave a certain surprise

Oh Steve Motel did what no raider would do
Oh Steve Motel, a joke the whole raid through
Oh Steve Motel does not drive 2CV
But at the end we'll all want his DVD

We saw an old village, we saw an old shamaan
We'd go as individuals, but also as a clan
We went rabbit shooting, but no guns would be there
Bucket loads water were thrown through the air

Course they are ducks...

Once we did split up, to the North Cape some went
Lots of confusion about some cabins rent
The midnight sun was stunning, the tunnel long and dark
"MURX" said the plate when he wanted to park

Course they are ducks...

We are looking back now at some tiring weeks
Some folks might consider us idiotic geeks
But we had a great time up there in the north
This was the third, now let's aim for the north!

Course they are ducks...

24 Jul 2007 by BMOG


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Meanwhile, maybe you want to read the diary of the last Raid Laponie in 2004.

We try to do the updates daily, but the GSM network in the Northern deserts can sometimes be limited.





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