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Onboard MS Mosquitorella

Monday 30.7.2007
Silja Mozzarella or Risella or Whateverella :)

The boat just left Stockholm. We stayed until Monday in Borlänge. Last night there was very few cars left, though we spotted at least Alain and several Aussies in sunday evening...

We moved our stuff near Jalppis and grilled some sausages by the fire and flushed them down with Raid Mosquito Prize wines :)

They really started using the airport during sunday!!!

The Raid ain't over until it's over i guess, because sometimes during the most boring and programless friday evening in Borlänges Main Program tent, between Program cancellations and Program changes i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and heard a whispering lady voice sayining "Tomorrow, at 19:00, night of the long tables, by our camp, be there"

So, one more time, all the Mosquiteers gathered together celebrating good foods and tasty drinks and partied like only Mosquito Raiders can, through wind and water until the dawn :)

Cheers Bastards and Bastardinas!

That's all folks from captain Toppo, onboard MS Mosquitorella

PS. Photos will come soon...

30 Jul 2007 by BMOG


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