5th MiniRaid Vehu

will be arranged 29-31 Jan 2010.

More information should appear in this site later on.

Meanwhile, you can read the old stories of previous events below.

4th MiniRaid Vehu

Jan 30- Feb 1, 2009

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4th MiniRaid Vehu

The 4th Miniraid Vehu will take place from Fri Jan. 30 to Sun Feb. 1, 2009 in Vehu, Finland. You are all very welcome to enjoy Finnish winter, snow, skiing, sauna, food, and 2cv friends in the middle of nowhere. Officially, the 4th Miniraid Vehu is part of the Raid Poronkusema. Thus the program will be somewhat shorter than previously.

Preliminary program:

Fri. Jan 30, Day of Arrival
Raid Poronkusema will hit Vehu late in the afternoon. We will serve a common meal (soup
á la Vehu, 7 e/person) in the evening. Sauna, hot bath tub, and other activities available. Music in the evening.

Sat. Jan 31, Day of Chilling
A breakfast buffet (5 e/person) Skiing, sauna, kick sledging, “suvisivakointi” available. Those who wish may do "Raid Shopping Tuuri". A factory visit is planned on the way to Tuuri but it has not been confirmed yet. Other activities: sauna, skiing, etc. A dinner, mouton á la Vehu (12 e/person), and  farewell party of Raid Poronkusema will take place. "Enough drink" - please remember to bring some local stuff suitable for this mixture. In the late evening there will be a "concert" by the frozen duck band.

Sun. Feb 1 Day of Departure
A breakfast buffet (5 e) will be served in the morning. We will clean the school house and leave Vehu.

You may participate the 3rd miniraid vehu with your own 2cv or you may come to Vehu without a 2cv.

Once again, we are very happy to inform that Ryanair supports heavily our miniraid Vehu by making cheap flights to Tampere. The distance from Tampere to Vehu is about 180 km.



updated 20.12.2008

(video by Karsten)

Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, tervetuloa etc



Veikko & Jukka

Vehu - in the middle of nowhere

Vehu is familiar to the most of the SuperFinns and Mosquitofinns. The old school building can accomodate 28 people and additional accommodation can be arranged. Information at the Vehu Schoolhouse website and location.

Common issues:
We will wash our dishes ourselves – please be prepared ;)
Please inform us asap if you need to have a special diet
Activities not confirmed
2cv drive on the lake (depends on the weather), narrow roads in the wilderness.

about 28 beds indoors at the school house + about 8 beds at the village church 100 m away + about 8 beds in a heated tent, if needed.

Pricing per person
accomodation 20 e/night (school house), 15 e/night (village church/tent)
Linens, towels, sleeping bags (for the tent), sauna, and hot bath tub included

In principle, you just need to come with warm clothes and enjoy everything.

Other issues:
We would like to ask our Finnish participants to bring skiing equipments with them. A limited number of skiing equipments are available in Vehu. In addition, a limited number of kick slegdes, nordic walking sticks (suvisivakointisauvat) are at our disposal in Vehu.
Please let us know if you plan to come to Vehu on Thusrday or leave on Monday.

Please inform us about The easiest way to do it is to send an email to Veikko and a copy to Jukka

>Read stories of last year´s raid.

Looking forward to seeing you in Vehu!


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