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3rd MiniRaid Vehu news

Again record-mild wintertime, but now the snow situation is getting better again. The weather forecast is starting to shape up and it will certainly not be very cold at Vehu, but snow is guarateed and more should fall during our stay. Hopefully the forecasted weekend storm do not affect us very much...

> snow depth

> temperatures and forecast

> VEHU Weather Station

We would like to ask our Finnish participants to bring skiing equipment and Nordic walking poles with them.

The updated newsletter of 30.1.08 is here (PDF)

The newsletter contains more information of the program and costs.

>How to find Vehu


We have announced miniraid to take place on January 31st to February 4th. Our unofficial carrier, Ryanair, does not seem to offer a flight on Thursday or Tuesday so most people will arrive on Friday and leave on Monday.
Anyhow, you are free to arrive on Thursday (Jan 31) or Friday and leave on Monday or Tuesday (Feb 5).

Most participants will arrive on Friday with Ryanair in Tampere, some earlier in Helsinki.

Please send your enquiries to Jukka and Veikko:

fin2cv -at- saunalahti.fi

veikko -at- neuro.hut.fi


(WARNING unpaid advertisement)

Visit Jukka's 2CV Stuff page.

Toppo´s humppa link: www.humppa.com

See you in 2009!



Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen, tervetuloa etc



Veikko & Jukka

Confirmed participants

by 31.01.2008

- Hannu & Paula, FIN/S/D
- Karsten & Jutta, D
- Güntteri, A
- Anke & Andreas, D
- Karin, D
- TanteRik & Isabelle, B
- Alain+Tine & Nille+Sam, B
- Nalle
- Matti & Eija Automeca
- Seppo the Drummer
- Matti & Kaija & Jaakko
- Etienne, F
- Gert-Jan, NL
- Harald, A
- Brigitte & Stephan, B
- Marcel & Martin, B
- Henkka & Pia
- Toppo & Sirpa
- Risto & Lilja
- Ylli & Pirkko


- Pertti the 2CVBlues cancelled

- Jukka & Päivi & Pasi
- Veikko

As the group is delightly growing all the time we will also use the nextdoor small church for lodging.

Wishful thinking also of:


Hannu of Rautalampi

More Austrians...?

Looking forward to seeing you at Vehu!

After raid news here

Vehu Schoolhouse website

How to find Vehu

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