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Peter and Henry have a diary page as well

Raid Vaasa

Who has manipulated the running time ?
It feels as Raid Poronkusema started yesterday,
and now everything is over already.
Must have been a good time.
Here, at Jukka's and Paivi's place, I sleep all day, drink a beer,
and get a meal, sleep, have a sauna, and I even visitied some museums. In the last 2 days, I have driven almost 8 poronkusema in my 2cv,'no, sorry, only 7 I think.
And we have solved almost all the world problems, as far as I can remember.

Thank you guys, for this great trip, i feel freed.

Keep on duckin in a free world.

Alain spfr , eeu... srpf... fpsr ?

04 Feb 2009 by M.O.T

Webcam in Hailuoto

I saw the yellow 4x4 from Mark on the webcam at Oulunsalo, wish i was there too.
Alfred, ssf

03 Feb 2009 by M.O.T

Poronkusema happens again!

30 Jan 2009 by M.O.T

Peter Poronkusema

Driving upto the ski resort Kaunispää, to meet Henry, I moved to the edge of the road to avoid the bus, but due to the size of the bus  I fell off the edge of the road. Even using 4x4 the car was stuck. Mild Panic!. But a kind Finnish couple gave me a tow and I was free again.

27 Jan 2009 by M.O.T

Poronkusemaa happens all the time?

Alain searching for an oil leak. I promised to arrange one if he can't

27 Jan 2009 by M.O.T

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