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Click the map route below or dates above for details.

The day-by-day route plan gives you the needed information of overnight spots and ideas for places to see. Visit the linked sites and print the touristic information interesting for you before the start of the raid.

Read the general information below the map image, too.

Raid Poronkusema route information
We have collected all the possible information here. The sights along the route are suggestions to choose from and we can talk about these in detail during the trip. Have a look at the internet links. Everyone is free to follow his/her own schedule, but of course keep others informed. The overnight spots are fixed and partially also paid so hopefully changes are not needed.

We provide the route links from both Google maps and the Finnish ENIRO which should be more reliable locally. At ENIRO you may have to press "hae" (find) button after clicking the link. The routes and distances are automatically generated so take this only as general guidance. Try or .nl or .de or .fr... for your own language. The detailed written on-line route instructions are not important, because we will improvise our own moves. The links mainly shows locations of the end and start point.

The distance given is the minimum using shortest way. We will look at real maps every night for some challenging curvy minor roads to slow ourselves down. After all the route choice is always up to you and at your own responsibility. We hope to be able to give all the raiders detailed road maps, we'll see.

The total distance counted from the minimum figures (Loukee-Vehu) is a little over 2000 kilometres, another 1000 is easily added from the trips to Loukee and from Vehu added with other extra driving inside Finland. Estimating sightseeing trips and detours to minor roads, you easily end up with 3500 kilometres in Finland. Luckily petrol prices are going down and at the moment 95 is less than 1,20 eur. In Lapland petrol is usually more expensive.

General information of road safety in Finland here: Remember that the use of winter tyres (studded or friction type) is compulsory in Finland during the time of our raid.

The cars of course need to be in good overall condition and the level of winter preparations is up to you. We recommend to pay attention especially to oils, battery and lights. The old Raid Laponie technical stuff is still available in the web with also information of winter driving, the animals, clothing etc. But note all the other information there is concerning the year 2004!:
("sssf" is the password if asked).

The 10th Raid Laponie site is

Route plan

- Fri 23.1. Meeting point: Loukee, Kalvitsa, North of Mikkeli
- Sat 24.1. Loukee - Anetjärvi min. distance 565 km
- Sun 25.1. Anetjärvi-Saariselkä min. distance 360 km
- Mo 26.1.-27.1. staying two whole days at "Hirvaspirtti", Saariselkä
- Wed 28.1. Saariselkä-Hetta (direct route) 350 km or Saariselkä-Kautokeino-Hetta (Northern route via Norway) 400 km
- Thu 29.1. Hetta-Hailuoto along the Swedish border 530 km or Hetta-Rovaniemi-Hailuoto 560 km
- Fri 30.1. Hailuoto-Vehu 375 km to join MiniRaid Vehu
- Sat 31.1.- 4th Miniraid Vehu 0-100 km
- Sun. 1. Feb .... Let's go home


Below a general map of Scandinavia to show some locations. Click the map to enlarge




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