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Painting: Seppo Saukkonen, Finland


Linkkejä ja lisätietoa

(vinkkejä ulkomaalaisille tulijoille)

> It is about 320 km from Helsinki to the meeting.

The Finnlines Ro-Pax ferry Travemünde (D) - Helsinki (FIN) is easy, but not really cheap (>look at their offers). But they also run cheaper alternatives Travemünde - Malmö (S) and Kappelskär (S )- Naantali (FIN).

The popular route is travelling through Denmark and Sweden (bridge or ferry) and then a by boat to Finland (Helsinki, Turku, Naantali). Operators:Tallink-Silja, Viking Line, Finnlines).

The cheapest could be the way via the Baltic counties and ferry Tallinn (EST )- Helsinki (Tallink-Silja, Viking Line…). This is also the best way to go to Poland after the meeting.

> Another good overall Baltic Sea ferry site including ferries Poland-Sweden etc.

It's also possible to travel via the Åland islands, if you have spare time. There are small ferries through the beautiful archipelago.

There is a short ferry link more North: Umeå(S) - Vaasa (Wasaline).

Main ferry companies:

Finally, you can skip all the ferries by driving up to Lapland through Sweden and then down Finland to the South.

Information about Finland - Suomi-linkkejä:

Official Travel Site - virallinen matkailusivu
About traffic in Finland - liikennetietoa
Facts of Finland - Suomi-faktaa

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Drawing: Jimi Alppimaa, Finland